Welcome to AndMarDesigns!
My online portfolio of web design and marketing materials encompass many features that will translate your vision from a simple thought into a powerful workflow, ecommerce and business asset. Advertising, logos, and dynamic PowerPoint presentations are just a few tools that can help promote a business to the right audience. Add a touch of creativity combined with a professional semblance to those tools and you can reach almost anyone. This is where I come in…

With a fine arts background and over 10 years in the marketing field, my aquired skills allows me to think outside the box that can transform a company's look into a unique entity that stands out from the rest. I understand the importance of creating substantial work that will get the job done on time and in an orderly fashion. On the other hand, I revel in the opportunity set forth my creative repertoire, taking pride in consistency, while having some fun.

I've condensed my portfolio to one page, so to minimize your time. If you have questions, or business inquires, feel free to send me an email: jimgaona@andmardesigns.com

  Web Design

Are you starting a new business, or perhaps looking for a fresh look for the new business year? A unique website is a perfect way to promote your business.
  Business Design

Are you trying to generate new business in the masses?
I can help you visualize your goals and create tools that will set you on the right path.
  Marketing Tools

Did you know that flyers and postcards can be a great way to advertise your company and upcoming events? Need to spread the word? Newsletters are a great source to spread information.
  Just For Fun

My online portfolio displays years of dedication to my field, but I do love to retreat back to my roots with a simple drawing or painting.
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Kycon, Inc. Website RadioRx Website NBBM Website Campbell Pop Warner Website AIM Trials Website AIM Trials Website Simon Appliance Website Westmont HS Website
Cloverdale Cabana Trifold iD Gaming Academy Flyer Gallardo CD Cover Paw Spa Postcard Poolhall.com Logo Design Madeline Wells Business Card Campbell Pop Warner Flyer Allow Us T-shirt Design
All About Screens Flyer Don Callejon Preschool T-shirt The Radvocate Newsletter Kycon Halloween 3D Newsletter JMIII Motor Sports Logo Motorcycle Web Banner Rodriguez Media Productions Logo California Construction Info Page
Tulips Drawing. Colored Pencil Baby Giraffe Drawing. Colored Pencil Rubber Duckies Painting. Acrylic Rubber Duckies Painting. Acrylic Character Sketch to Photoshop Photo Manipulation Photo Restoration Photo Restoration
Press play below to see examples of video editing. These videos were a combination of video, still photos and sampled music.
These videos are not intended for sale or commerical use. All music is copyrighted by their respected owner.
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